Ongoing review of the regulation of medical research calls for more evidence

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The Academy of Medical Sciences is conducting a review of the regulation and governance of medical research in the UK. Launched by the previous government in March 2010 and led by Mike Rawlins, this set out to focus particularly on regulation around clinical trials in recognition that delays in this area may be affecting the quality and competitiveness of UK research. It is expected to report in autumn 2010.


AMRC conducted a survey of members and submitted evidence in June 2010.

Last week (26 July) the Government published proposals to change the Department of Health’s arm’s-length bodies, creating a single research regulator in Liberating the NHS: Report of the arms-length bodies review. This stated that these changes will be informed by the Academy’s review.

What now

The Academy has now issued a second call for evidence focusing on the impact of a proposed single research regulator.  The deadline for submissions is 31 August 2010.

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