Interesting piece in Times Higher today exploring concerns that research budget cuts could be focused on particular disease areas

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Charities no panacea for ill effects of medical cuts explores fears that at the end of the ongoing spending review, government may choose to cut their research funding in certain disease areas, expecting other funders, especially charities, to step into the breach.

However, it goes on to speak to Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Chief Executive of MRC, who says:

“We are strong supporters of (cancer research) and removing these sorts of sums would have a huge impact,” he said. “All (funders) are contributing to the overall picture of research funding. If you remove any part of that funding you weaken the totality of it.

“It’s difficult to see how any charity could single-handedly step into the breach. It’s very important that (their contribution is) additional.”

Medical research charities invested over £1 billion into UK medical research last year.

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