Revised EU Animals Directive is almost in place

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The 1986 Directive that governs all research using animal across the EU is being revised. The new revised version has almost completed it’s passage through the European Parliament. Once it is formally approved and adopted it will need to be transposed into UK law within two years. This will involve some changes to the UK legislation through new regulations or primary legislation during this two year period.

The Agriculture and Rural Development Committee have been leading this revision through the European Parliament. In May 2010, the Council agreed the proposed revisions. The Agriculture Committee has also agreed these revisions and they are just completing a formal approval process in the Parliament and by the Council.

Today the European Parliament has adopted the proposed revisions at a plenary session. Details of text adopted here. This means that all that remains is for the Council to formally approve these too. It is expected that the Council will do this quickly as the text is the result of a compromise the Council and the European Parliament have already reached between them.

When this process is completed, the revised Directive will be adopted. The UK will then need to transpose the Directive into UK law which may mean new regulations (statutory instruments) or primary legislation  (Bills) coming before parliament. There is a mandatory timetable of two years to complete this by.

More background on the process and what AMRC are doing here

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