EU Directive governing animal research coming into force

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20 days after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, the new, revised European directive governing all research using animals across the EU will officially come into force.

Signing the revised EU Directive governing medical research

Because each member state will need to make changes to their own state laws to bring themselves into line with the directive, they are allowed 24 months to get this done. The new regulations will need to be up and running by 1 January 2013.

The UK government, alongside the coalition of bioscience groups of which AMRC is a part, has already begun to look at the changes they will need to make to UK legislation and regulations.

It is likely the UK government will draft legislation, consulting on this over the course of the next year, with an aim to introduce and complete the legislative process in parliament by the summer recess of 2012. (Due to the introduction of fixed-term parliaments, the current parliamentary session is expected to be unusually long, continuing until spring 2012; how the legislative process will fit around this will not be clear until closer to the time.)

Because the UK already has very robust regulation of animal research, these changes are likely to be less dramatic than in some other EU member states and the government is keen to ensure there will be the least possible disruption to UK research.

More detail on any changes and possible impacts on medical research as the process progresses.

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