Science is vital

Posted on September 23, 2010 by


As the doom and gloom of stories of spending cuts builds up ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review announcement on the 20th October, scientists are not taking it on the back foot.

A group of scientists have teamed up with the Campaign for Science and Engineering for a spot of on the ground action. Kicking off with a facebook campaign, they have started a group called Science is Vital calling on concerned scientists, engineers and supporters of science to sign their petition and campaign to prevent destructive levels of cuts to science funding in the UK, basically aiming to noisily demonstrate the weight of concerns across the UK over the decisions the Government is currently making and ensure there is a recognisable lobby group for them to listen to.

The campaign really focuses on one single call – the petition asks the Government:

“to recognize that science is vital, and to lay out a supportive strategy for UK science and engineering, maintaining a level of investment at least in line with economic growth”

to take this forward, Julian Huppert  has laid an Early Day Motion in support of the campaign which supporters are encouraged to contact their MPs about, and the group is planning some on the ground action including a central london rally on 9th October and a lobby of parliament on 12th October. More details are on the campaign site.

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