More consultations on the NHS white paper

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More consultations have been launched on the proposals in the NHS white paper, including one focused on how information in the NHS is accessed, collected and analysed which will be of particular interest for the use of patient data for research.


The NHS white paper laying out the coalition government’s plans for the NHS was published in July. Following that, the government launched a series of consultations on their proposals.

We have had consultations on:

  • the proposed NHS Outcomes Framework which will in effect set the work plan and standards to hold success to account
  • local governance of health and ensuring local democratic decision-making over health services
  • how GP consortia commissioning services will work
  • how healthcare providers will be regulated
  • the government has also published a separate review of arms-length bodies which makes recommendations to rearrange these, including abolishing and merging some existing bodies.

Now open are consultations on:

And still to come are consultations on adult social care and education & training.

AMRC’s detailed briefing on the NHS white paper and its implications for medical research is available here

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