New life sciences business adviser to government

Posted on November 23, 2010 by


Government has appointed a Life Sciences Business Adviser with the plan that he will work across government. Demonstrating this ministers from two departments,  BIS minister for universities & science David Willetts and Department of Health minister Lord Howe, jointly announced his appointment.

According to the press release, his role will be to:

…support close and collaborative working on life sciences across Government and with key partners. He will work with the life sciences industry, both in the UK and overseas, and with the NHS and academia to provide independent advice and challenge to Government.

He will:

…support the NHS to contribute to economic growth and innovation; support communication of health and business policy developments to the NHS, academia and the life sciences industry; and champion the UK both as an investment location and as the trading partner of choice in life sciences.

There is no direct mention of his working with medical research charities in the press release but as a key members of the life sciences sector, he’s someone who will want to hear from us.

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