Government will announce how they are going to spend their science and research funding on Monday

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Peeking at the planned written ministerial statements, it looks like we should find out how science and research funding is going to be distributed by government on Monday.  Also, there will be a statement on the Haldane principle.


In the spending review on 20 October, we got the big numbers for the science budget – frozen at £4.6 billion and ringfenced (details in my previous post here) – but we didn’t get the details of how this would be allocated among research councils etc. This is what it looks like we’ll be finding out on Monday.

Back at the beginning of November, David Willetts announced a review of the Haldane principle –  a longstanding principle that government allocates money to the experts and allows them to decide what research should be funded, i.e. through peer review conducted by the research funders – (see previous post). The Government consulted with the science community with a plan to publish a statement of the Haldane Principle at the same time as the Science & Research Budget Allocations.

What’s happening on Monday?

On the list of Written Ministerial Statements to be announced on Monday are two from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills:

1 Allocation of science and research funding 2011-12 to 2014-15 (Business, Innovation and Skills).

2 Haldane principle (Business, Innovation and Skills).

We’ll have to wait ’til Monday to see what they say…

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