What impact will the changes to the NHS have on research?

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Coming up this week, Lord Turnberg who is AMRC’s scientific adviser and has a strong interest in medical research has a debate in the Lords on The Proposed Changes to the NHS.


The proposed changes were laid out in a white paper the government published last year (check out this briefing summarising it here) a second white paper focused on public health (more here) and, following a period of consultation, more details of the government’s plans were published just before christmas (more here). A Health and Social Care Bill to start putting these changes into action is expected soon.

What will be discussed on Thursday?

The scope of this debate is very broad but hopefully there will be an opportunity to discuss some of the impacts the changes will have on research and teaching in the NHS. The government’s proposals for the NHS include changes to how medical research is regulated etc. so this might be a chance for these plans to be explored.

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