What are the big issues for research in the health bill?

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With MPs currently discussing the Health & Social Care bill in the Commons, AMRC have pulled together a short briefing identifying the key issues for medical research raised by the changes planned to the NHS. Check it out here.

Big issues are:

  • beefing up research in the bill; building incentives so people across the NHS recognise how important research is and want to get involved.
  • Engaging patients and the public in the system and making this work for research, giving more people the opportunity to be involved in clinical trials and research studies etc.
  • Improving the regulation of research to make it easier to get research projects off the ground while not compromising on patient safety.
  • and safely opening up patient data so we can securely access some of this wealth of information stored by the NHS and use it for research to make people healthier

What next?

This briefing is really an overview of the issues, not getting into the nitty gritty of which clause in the bill says what and where we need to make sure research gets a specific mention. Over the coming weeks I’m planning to get together with others focused on medical research to pick apart some of these nitty gritty issues in more detail, looking at how the proposed new structure will work and what groundwork needs to be laid to ensure research is part of the new-look NHS. And to explore how we can best get the information parliamentarians need to them as they scrutnise the bill.

AMRC is hosting a workshop to get together and do this on 29 March – more info including how to sign up here.

The Commons committee is due to finish going through the bill clause by clause on 31st March (just after the workshop). The Bill will then go through report stage and third reading in the Commons and then it’s over to the Lords for them to take a look, probably around April/May time. (timeline here)

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