Sally Davies will be both CMO and Head of R&D in the NHS

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Dame Sally Davies, the new Chief Medical Officer, is going to keep her role as Head of Research & Development in the NHS, heading up the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) which co-ordinates health research in the NHS and invests around a billion pounds a year.

There’s a great interview in the FT with her in which she explains that science underlies both posts and she is planning to be a strong voice in the future championing scientific advice when the Department of Health is making decisions.

More reflections from Simon on his blog here.

And on Monday, Andrew Lansley announced that the NHS is going to make up to £775 million available over the next 5 years  to be invested in translational research  through the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). It will be made available over the next five years to NHS/university partnerships through the National Institute for Health Research with a focus on improving health outcomes for patients in high priority disease areas such as dementia, cancer and heart disease.

Details in the Department of Health press release.

The press release includes a quote from David Cameron talking about this funding as part of the UK growth strategy

This is a great day for science and in particular health research in this country. We have an enviable track record in making new discoveries and developing new treatments, and this important funding will help to maintain our position as a centre of scientific excellence.

A strong science and research base is crucial to help secure sustainable economic growth, helping to rebalance the economy and create the jobs of the future, which is why despite tough spending decisions we have protected its funding. We have some of the best scientists and facilities in the world and today’s announcement will help ensure we continue to be at the cutting edge of life sciences.

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