Shadow BIS minister calls for 10-year framework for science funding in the budget next week

Posted on March 14, 2011 by


Being on holiday last Wednesday, I missed John Denham give the Campaign for Science and Engineering Annual lecture. Luckily you can read it online here. He warned of the risk of the UK losing our leading position in science and used the occasion to call for a clear framework for science funding, ideally for a 10-year period, to be laid out in the Budget which is happening next Wednesday 23 March.

“It’s essential that the forthcoming Budget sets out a clear framework for science funding well beyond the current spending period, and ideally for a 10-year period.”

The spending review announced back in October 2010 froze the science budget at £4.6 billion for the spending review period which lasts until 2014-15. But it doesn’t’ go into the details of how this will be invested across science and what will happen after 2015.

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