Medical research charities invested £1.137 billion in UK medical research in 2010-11

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We’ve published some really interesting numbers today including the grand total of how much medical research charities invested in UK medical research in 2010-11 – £1.137 billion.

Survey of how medical research charities are faring in the current economic climate

We have been surveying AMRC members regularly since the beginning of the recession to take a snapshot of how everyone is faring – and we have just got the latest results.

  • 63% of AMRC members say the affect of the recession was significant or very significant
  • 55% said they planned to be maintaining their funding at the same levels and 32.5% said they would be increasing it. (this compares to 63% of member charities saying their future funding would stay the same and 21% who said they would be increasing funding in 2009)
  • 12.5% or AMRC members say they do not intend to fund new research this year or plan to reduce funding (this compares to 8% in the last survey in 2009)
  • AMRC member charities are beginning to see an increase in the number of grant applications they are receiving

Simon has picked out some of the key themes which emerge and lots more detail.

AMRC research expenditure

And each year, AMRC collects data on how much our members are spending on research.

In 2010-2011 UK research expenditure (excluding capital expenditure) for all AMRC members combined comes to £1.137 billion

You can see all the details of previous years and the available figures for spend across the sector so you can compare them here.

Simon Denegri (AMRC chief exec) observes that although this is an increase, this is the smallest increase in expenditure that we’ve seen since 2005.

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