Scottish ministers committed to Scotland’s “world class medical research”

Posted on March 30, 2011 by


Scotland is voting on 5 May and ahead of that, medical research charities and networks funding and doing medical research in Scotland have got together to get science on their agenda.

We have joined forces to make five policy calls on MSPs, getting medical research and science on their agendas ahead of the elections. Our big call is for MSPs to champion the appointment of a cross-cutting minister focused on science. Check out the Campaign for Science and Engineering blog for more information on our campaign and how you can help us.

We’ve been writing to ministers and this week we got a letter back from the first minister’s office with some nice reassuring words:

“…the Scottish Government recognises fully the vital contribution charity funding makes to advancing medical research in Scotland. Scottish Ministers are committed to ensuring the preservation of Scotland’s reputation for world class medical research…”

So we’ll just have to keep the pressure up to make sure they do.

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