Researchers make some noise about research in the NHS

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Researchers concerns about the impact changes to the NHS might have on research have hit the news today… The big message was, if we are going to improve the care patients get and find new, more effective treatments for them, we need to support research. And there need to be some changes to the plans in the health bill to make sure the new-look NHS can do this.

Check out the Independent NHS Chiefs ‘care more about costs that lives’ where John Bell, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences points out that we can use this change as an opportunity to make the NHS better at research and innovation than it is at the moment,

Research is one of the key areas which needs to be thought about in reforming the NHS, because the NHS has been a spectacular repulsive force when it comes to innovation and if you’re thinking about reforming it you need to address this.

And the Telegraph Health Reforms ‘could jeopardise medical research’ which paraphrased Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust on the central role of research in health:

Far from being an expendable extra, research was key to doing things better in the future – improving health outcomes and cutting costs

Mark was also on Today on Radio 4 this morning.

It’s really important to medical research charities to make sure research in the NHS works well. Medical research charities represent people who are investing their hope in the development of new preventions, treatments and cures for the conditions they live with. To improve their healthcare in the future, we must invest in research.

The NHS hosts a lot of vital research and innovation and provides the infrastructure to collaborate with medical research charities who want to fund research into conditions. So the better the NHS is at research, the more charities can achieve; funding discoveries and making sure they reach the people who need them and can improve their lives.

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