What next with the health bill?

Posted on June 1, 2011 by


I’ve just come across an interesting piece in the FT today speculating on when things are going to get moving with the Health & Social Care Bill – NHS reforms unlikely before February.

It suggests the NHS Future Forum, which we wrote to yesterday, is likely to finish their report recommending any changes they think should be made to the bill and send it to the Cabinet on 14 June.

And it repeats what has been rumoured before, that the bill might be changed so substantially that it has to take a step backwards and go through committee stage again in the Commons (at the moment, the next stage it is due to hit is report stage in the Commons, and after that, it will need to go through the Lords)

With the summer recess approaching (Parliament rises on 19/20 July) the bill probably won’t make it to the Lords until the Autumn.

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