Consulting on research using animals

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The government has launched a consultation we have been expecting for a while – into how the recent changes in Europe to the EU Directive governing all research using animals across the EU should be transposed into UK law. The revised UK law needs to be up and running by 10 November 2012.


The EU Directive governing research using animals across the EU was recently revised to reflect scientific advances etc.

UK biosciences organisations worked together to feed into the revisions.

The revised directive came into force in November 2010 and each member state was given 24 months to bring their own state laws into line with the directive.

What has happened today?

The UK government launched a consultation on their options to bring UK laws into line with the directive.

In some cases, the Directive will require the UK to draw up new legislation and guidance to foster good practice. But the UK currently has much stricter legislation in place governing research using animals than across much of Europe. As a result, in some cases there may be a balance between transposing the minimum requirement of the Directive or choosing to retain current higher UK standards and requirements.

There is lots more detail on Understanding Animal Research’s site including some great detailed briefings on the issues.

We have until 5 September 2011 to respond.

What now?

We’ll be taking a detailed look at this working with other UK bioscience organisations to feed into this consultation.

The government are holding this consultation to inform “the preparation of transposing legislation”. i.e. once the consultation is over, the government will introduce either regulations or primary legislation to Parliament to amend UK law in this area.

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