Question on the use of animals in health-related research in the Lords tomorrow

Posted on October 3, 2011 by


Lord Willis has an interesting question tomorrow in the House of Lords, about health research and the use of animals. The House will sit at 2:30pm and his question is the first up.

2.30pm Oral Questions

Use of animals in health-related research – Lord Willis of Knaresborough

At present, in some cases animal models are the only way we can do vital research which will help us relieve suffering and bring hope to patients with life threatening or debilitating conditions.

  • Animals are only used in research where it is absolutely necessary and no suitable alternative methods are available.
  • As part of the process of developing a new medicine, we need to conduct tests using animals before patients can test the drug.
  • Animal studies account for only a very small part of all medical research.

AMRC member charities support the use of animals in research only where it is completely necessary to enable us to understand more about a condition or treatment, where there is no alternative, and within the UK’s strict regulation which demands high standards of animal welfare.

You can read the full AMRC statement on the use of animal in medical research here.