The Lords are discussing the health bill tomorrow – here are the research issues we want them to raise

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The Lords are debating the health bill tomorrow – kicking off at around 11am. The number of peers down to speak has now reached 100 – they’ll each have about 7 minutes to outline their thoughts about the bill, indicating the issues they may be considering exploring further and amending later. And because so many peers want to speak, the debate is now going to take place across two days, tomorrow and Wednesday.

The bill’s passage through the Lords is a great opportunity for the government to make further changes to the bill or make commitments during the debates to take things forward..

In the course of the debates, we’d like more detail on how the government will take steps to:

  • Provide further detail of how the commitments to promote research and innovation will be delivered
  • Develop effective mechanisms to deliver research locally
  • Establish streamlined and robust regulation and governance of health research
  • Integrate meaningful patient and public involvement in research
  • Enable the safe and secure use of patient data for research
  • Develop the health research workforce
  • Support innovation in the NHS

Read our briefing here.


There was an interesting discussion of the health bill and the Lords debates and tactics tomorrow on Radio 4’s Today in Parliament last Thursday – you can listen again here for another couple of days. Check it out about 21 minutes in. With Lord Willis, Frank Dobson MP and Dan Poulter MP.

What next?

The next step will be for the Lords to scrutinise the bill clause by clause – committee stage. For this stage they will table amendments to probe the government’s intentions and suggest changes to the bill. Committee stage is likely to start in a couple of weeks and will need quite a lot of time as the bill is pretty long and there are a lot of issues people want to raise… Research is going to be one of these issues and we’ll be working to support peers to explore some of the concerns outlined in our briefing in more detail.

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