When will peers debating the health bill get to research?

Posted on October 26, 2011 by


The House of Lords are scrutinising the health bill clause by clause. They started yesterday on clause 1 – kicking off at about 3pm they finished at 9pm still discussing amendments to clause 1.

There are lots of research-focused amendments – I summarised them in this blog. Amendments with a similar purpose are grouped together for debate, so all the research-focused amendments will be discussed together. (those focused on the health research authority are likely to be grouped together later in the bill) Each amendment is exploring something slightly different so the peers are likely to pick apart their purpose individually so that they can raise and discuss all the different issues we’re concerned about during the debate.

The next debate is set for 2 November, and after that 7, 9, 14 and 16. I’ll be keeping an eye out for when we get tothe research amendments.

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