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It looks like we’re getting close to the first discussion of research issues as the Lords discuss the health bill clause by clause this week. On Monday they were discussing clause 4. They are due to pick up the discussion tomorrow afternoon and many of the research-focused amendments are focused around clause 5 which lays out the “secretary of state’s duties as to research”

5. The Secretary of State’s duty as to research

After section 1C of the National Health Service Act 2006, insert—

“1D Duty as to research

15“In exercising functions in relation to the health service, the Secretary
of State must have regard to the need to promote—

(a) research on matters relevant to the health service, and

(b) the use in the health service of evidence obtained from

Check out my summary of the amendments, links to the actual text of them and detailed background briefing here.


Amendments with a similar purpose are grouped together for debate, so all the research-focused amendments will be discussed together. This means some of those attached to later clauses looking at the NHS Commissioning Board’s duties towards research are likely to be discussed here too. (those amendments focused on the health research authority insert a new clause just after clause 57 so are likely to be grouped together later in the bill)

Each amendment is exploring something slightly different so the peers are likely to pick apart their purpose individually so that they can raise and discuss all the different issues we’re concerned about during the debate.

A few extra amendments have been tabled on research in the last few days including this by Lord Willis which would add an extra duty on the Secretary of State in clause 5, exploring the Secretary of State’s duty towards ensuring high standards of research:



Page 3, line 19, at end insert—

“( ) the proper conduct of research by establishing such structures and procedures as he deems necessary to prevent, detect and impose sanctions on research conduct”

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