Who are the people behind research in the NHS?

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The National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network has just set up a great website showing the different ways in which people are involved in research.

More than half a million patients took part in NIHR Clinical Research Network studies during 2010-11. This research is essential to improve treatments and services for everyone. Research People went out and met the people involved in this research – including patients, carers and families as well as health professionals. They have each recorded short videos to talk about what they do and why.

Worth a peek, and really  brings home the idea that everybody working within the NHS needs support to engage in research, because they are all involved in making research happen and driving innovation to improve care for patients.

Getting the right support in place to help the new NHS bodies deliver their duties to promote research and enable their workforce to engage, will be vital to keep improving care for patients.

Policy note – on 5 December alongside the Life Sciences Strategy, Sir David Nicholson made recommendations aimed at driving the spread of inventions these Research People are involved in developing within the NHS and ensuring they achieve widespread use.

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