The Lords are discussing concerns over the transport of animals for research this afternoon

Posted on March 20, 2012 by


Lord Tavern is asking a question in the House of Lords this afternoon about concerns that transport companies are under pressure from anti-vivisection campaign groups to stop transporting animals for medical research. If it becomes difficult to transport animals in and out of the UK, this could seriously damage the ability of scientists in the UK and around the world to conduct their research.

For all the background on why and how animals are transported check out this post from last week.

David Willett’s, minister for universities and science, did respond to the story on the Today programme when it broke  last week  – quoted in this Telegraph article – including indicating that  the government are in talks with science and transport industries to ensure transport can continue.  This is another opportunity for the government to outline their activity and for peers to scrutinise this and debate the issue in more detail.

Lord Tavern’s question is:

*Lord Taverne to ask Her Majesty’s Government, in the light of the refusal of some ferry companies and airlines to carry live animals for medical research, what steps they are taking to protect such research.

and there will be a short discussion following this allowing other peers to have the opportunity to speak.