Scotland strikes AcoRD

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I know – terrible pun, but it got you to read this post!

The Scottish Chief Scientist Office (CSO) has agreed to adopt the AcoRD principles for clinical research costs, which were announced for England last month.

This means charities that fund clinical research in the NHS in Scotland only have to pay direct research costs, with the CSO paying for:

  • local study trial co-ordination and management.
  • data collection needed to answer the questions that the research study is addressing (including collecting data for and completing the report).
  • regulatory preparation and compliance, including obtaining ethical approval and complying with the Medicine for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004.
  • the time taken by chief and principal investigators (CI and PI) to explain the study to professional colleagues, and to understand, the research elements of a study. For example the time taken to explain the criteria for patient eligibility or to explain the randomisation protocol.
  • sponsorship fees such as MHRA fees, and CTA annual renewal fees.

Hospitals will be paid for these directly through the NHS Research Support fund.

AcoRD demonstrates that the government in Westminster, and now in Edinburgh, recognise the massive role that charities play in paying for clinical research, and are happy to share their research networks and research support staff to support the partnership.

While the details may only be interesting to fellow technocrats, everyone should be pleased that government is supporting the vital role that medical research charities play in funding research in the NHS – we really are working in harmony.

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