Introducing the health research parliamentary questions mini-blog

Posted on October 18, 2012 by


As part of keeping an eye on what parliamentarians are up to, Becky and I monitor Hansard, the official documentation of everything that happens in the Palace of Westminster. For quite a long time now we’ve been keeping a record of all the questions asked by MPs and peers to government ministers related to health and medical research. Rather than keep this little list of intrigue to ourselves, we thought we’d share it with you on a new mini-blog called the Health research parliamentary questions blog (you can tell it took us a long time to come up with that title!).

On today’s launch, the blog has 326 questions and answers on subjects ranging from immigration to embryology. The House of Commons returns from conference season this week and I’m sure the MPs are brimming with questions from all those exciting fringe meetings and debates they’ve been to. As soon as they’re answered we’ll upload them for you to see.

The blog is in chronological order so the most recent questions are at the top. You can search for topics that matter to you and see which parliamentarians share your interest, and the tags section reveals key words that are mentioned repeatedly in both questions and answers allowing you to see at a glance the most popular topics and who asks the most questions. You can also comment on the questions raised and give your point of view – we hope you do.
Do let us know how you use this resource so that we can keep it useful and relevant. ENJOY!