Written evidence to inquiry on clinical trials published

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The Commons Science & Technology Committee has just published all the written evidence submitted to their inquiry into clinical trials, including our submission.

41 AMRC member charities are currently funding clinical research, either individually or in collaboration with industry, other charities or public funders.  We responded to outline how important clinical trials are to the development of new treatments for patients. We welcomed the EU’s proposal for a new Clinical Trials Regulation as the current Directive that it will replace has been implemented inconsistently across Europe and has created barriers to the conduct of clinical trials in the UK. And we emphasised that medical research charities want to see the findings of research disseminated for the benefit of researchers, clinicians and patients and are keen to work with the wider medical community to improve access to clinical trial data and findings.

You can read our full response here.
You can also download our background briefing on the registration of clinical trials and public access to data findings here.
Parkinson’s UK, the Migraine Trust, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and the Wellcome Trust also submitted their own evidence, which can be viewed here.

What next?

We have supported the All Trials Registered, All Trials Reported campaign and are now working with organisations across the medical research sector to explore how we can find practical solutions to improve access to clinical trial data and findings. And last week, Dr Liz Philpots, our head of research, took part in a debate with Glennis Willmott MEP, the rapporteur for the Clinical Trials Regulation which is currently on its way through the European  Parliament and governs the regulation of clinical trials across Europe. You can watch it here.

We are going to be giving oral evidence to the Committee in mid-April.

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