An opportunity for our members to support open access through Europe PMC

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We are offering an opportunity for our member charities to become funders of the open access resource Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC, formerly UKPMC) through an ‘uplift’ to their AMRC membership.

We know that our members who have become Europe PMC funders have got a lot of value from this resource and found it a cost-effective way to implement their open access policies. So we are working with  Europe PMC and the Wellcome Trust to offer a new opportunity for more AMRC members to sign up.


Europe PMC is an online resource that provides access to 2.6 million peer-reviewed journal articles, plus 26 million abstracts, biological patents, clinical guidelines, PhD theses and research reports, so research can be seen in context. Charities and other funders can also use it to measure their research outputs through numbers of citation or downloads, or using full-text search and text-mining functionality to report on publications linked to individual grants. You can find out more about the services they provide on their website.

The resource used to be known as UKPMC, and became Europe PMC in Autumn 2012 to reflect the growing commitment of European funders.

Becoming a Europe PMC funder

Europe PMC is supported by a consortium of funders, including 12 AMRC members. Membership of the Funders’ Group, means that charities aren’t just paying for their research to be published, but helping to shape the future of Europe PMC.

To become a Europe PMC funder, charities have to:

  • Pay a contribution based on their research spend via AMRC as an uplift to their annual subscription charge, to support the on-going management and development of the repository.
  • Include an ‘open access mandate’ in the terms and conditions of award – all Europe PMC funders specify that publications arising from research they fund must be available in Europe PMC as soon as possible, and in any event within six months of publication date.
  • Provide grantee details so that  Europe PMC can establish self-archiving accounts for researchers.

You can find full details of the sign-up process  here.

Case study – Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a keen supporter of open access, and has been a member of the Europe PMC funders group since 2010. Making our research available to the public is very important, as our research funding relies on public donations. We believe that the people funding the research should have access to the outputs. Open access widens dissemination of our researchers’ work, allowing other scientists to develop that work and building collaborations and scientific networks to further breast cancer research.

The UK is leading the way in promoting open access, and Breakthrough is very proud to be part of that. As a charity funding around £9m of research every year, cost implications of open access are a big consideration for us. The charities who fund Europe PMC are discussing, how to share resources and ensure that we come up with the best way to promote open access.

We hope that other AMRC charities also see the value and join Europe PMC for the next phase, to further support open access and shape the future of scientific research publishing.

What to do if you are interested in becoming a funder

Talk to your trustees – this is a three year commitment. Then contact Liz to say your organisation is interested in becoming a Europe PMC funder commencing on 1 October 2013. 

During April – June 2013, AMRC will pass on the names and contact details of interested funders onto Wellcome Trust, who are acting as lead partner for this work, and will then provide final figures of what it will cost new Europe PMC members to join.

To join in October 2013 through AMRC membership, charities must give a commitment by 1 July. If you would like to know more about this scheme and how your organisation can join, contact Liz at

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