How can the EU better support research? Have your say

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The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) is conducting a review of how the EU interacts and influences research and innovation in the UK. The EU has a huge influence on the medical research environment through legislation and regulation, patent rulings, funding programmes and public health initiatives, to name but a few (if you’re really interested we published a report  and held a workshop about it last year). The government is interested in what powers the EU has and what powers the UK has, and whether there is the right balance. Each department is doing this in its own specialist area – we responded to the Department of Health’s one a few months ago.

We will be responding to BIS’s call for evidence, pointing to areas where things are working, and where they might not be working so well. We will also be setting out how the EU can work better with charities in the UK to help them promote research and innovation.

To help shape our response we would like to know your experiences of any of the following:

  1. Where EU legislation has had a positive or negative impact on the research that you fund – has it restricted what your scientists can do, made it harder to set up a patient registry for example, or perhaps had the opposite effect and made things easier?
  2. Examples where the EU has promoted collaboration between researchers or organisations, or sectors (public, industry and charities) – by providing funds or facilitating meetings for example
  3. Any EU infrastructure that you think has helped in your field of research, or large infrastructure that you would like to have and the EU could help to deliver?
  4. What the EU could do to support and promote the medical research you fund
  5. Any other issues that you would like us to raise.

You don’t need to give us a case study for each, unless you have that many! Just one or two will do.

Please email your case studies or thoughts on the EU and how it helps and hinders medical research in the UK to by the 19 July. No matter how small – it could be really useful!

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