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Research into mitochondrial donation going ahead

January 19, 2012 by


The Wellcome Trust have just announced that they are funding a team of scientists in Newcastle to do some research into techniques to help people carrying mitochondrial diseases avoid passing them on to their children. This research is a little controversial because it involves donor eggs and the child will have a little bit of […]

Super day of life sciences

December 5, 2011 by


Exciting day for medical research today – David Cameron has just launched a new life sciences strategy in a speech this afternoon. Also published were new initiatives to support innovation in the NHS – following David Nicholson’s review of this. The announcements brought together lots of existing initiatives and made a few new announcements including […]

Interesting announcements for health research in George Osborne’s statement today

November 29, 2011 by


George Osborne made his autumn statement today. This included an extra £200 million investment in science, some new measures to support small and medium sized enterprises and an update of the plan for growth – both reporting on what the government have achieved so far and setting out some new objectives. He also confirmed that […]

More discussion about impact of ban on patenting embryo stem cells

October 28, 2011 by


Yesterday David Willetts confirmed the UK government is exploring the impact of the new EU ban on patenting of embryo stem cells and that they will continue funding research using embryo stem cells. Background The European Court of Justice made a decision on 18 October which effectively bans the patenting of scientific techniques involving embryonic stem […]

What are the government doing to look at the impact of this ban on patenting embryo stem cells?

October 25, 2011 by


Graham Stringer is planning to ask Vince Cable what he is doing to look at the impact of Europe’s decision last week to ban the patenting of embryo stem cells (check out my previous blog for background on the ban) when he comes into parliament for Business, Innovation and Skills questions on Thursday. Graham has […]

What health researchers want to see in the government’s research and innovation strategy

September 14, 2011 by


Cancer Research UK has looked at what we need to support world-class health research in the UK and made recommendations to government on how to achieve this. This is good timing as the government is developing a research and innovation strategy and will be publishing a further instalment of the ‘Plan for Growth’ in the […]

Government gets new life sciences adviser

July 26, 2011 by


Last week, George Freeman MP became a the new Life Sciences Adviser. He will advise David Willetts, who is Minister for Universities and Science, on the economic impact of life sciences in the UK. George Freeman has a background in biomedical research so he’s a bit of a pro on the life sciences sector. He’s […]